Cyber attack prevention


CyberZodiac offers an attacker-minded cyber defense shield forIndustries, corporations and companies to ensure ultimate business security.Our experts aim is to stop the attack before it starts.

We provide clients with an incident manager 24/7 (1-4 people in a team fully dedicated and loyal business bodyguards) to detect the potential attack from the first attempt and close "the gates" before hackers can get the control over the business. We monitor the "digital matrix" in real-time, detect anomalies in networks, cleaning system from hacker hooks (which may exist for a long time and You simply don't know about them as the system failed to recognize them as dangerous), provide intelligence and investigation services, prevent the installation of malicious hardware.

✔ Regular system check-ups to maintain cybersecurity in the best possible shape to successfully fight back cybercriminals.

✔ Ultimate defense* to prevent hacker attacks – business bodyguards/incident managers.

✔ Digital forensics and investigation services to find traces of the possible previous attacks and delete the hooks.

✔ Data encryption for deep defense by white hat experts.

✔ Remote security solutions on demand.